One of the goals for Membership in Rotary Year 2019-2020 is to increase our membership. This is one program that is being instituted to get all members thinking about who would be a good addition to our membership. As you think on the folks you know who could join us as a member please keep in mind the following changes that have been made. (use the Read More link to see the changes.)

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One Paul Harris Recognition will be awarded using club points.  Winner will be drawn at the installation of new club officers 2020-2021, expected June 2020.
One ticket will be awarded for each first-time guest to our meetings.  (Guest must be eligible for Rotary membership and not an existing Rotary member, or immediate family member of a club member). Regular meetings, Mixers and Socials and any special meeting we may have all count for bring a guest. Bring two guests - get two chances.
Who does not count:
  1. Guest speakers
  2. Student of the month or any family members
  3. Children (under 18)
  4. Rotarians
For each guest who Joins Our Club as member and are still a member at the time of the drawing, an additional ticket will be awarded to the sponsor. Tickets will be issued prior to drawing at the installation of officers meeting.
Program starts with the July 2 meeting.
The most recent Council Of Legislation made the following changes to the standard Bylaws and Constitution.
Added the following to Section 4.070 of Rotary International Bylaws: “Each Club shall endeavor to build a well balanced membership that celebrates diversity.”
Adopt Proposed Enactments 19-28, 19-37 and 19-39 which in substance made the following changes to the Standard Rotary Club Constitution:
“The Club’s membership shall represent a cross section of the business, professions, occupations and civic organizations in its community, including age, gender and ethnic diversity.”
To amend the STANDARD ROTARY CLUB CONSTITUTION as follows (pages 91-92 MOP)

Article 12 Attendance [See article 7 for exceptions to the provisions of this article.]

Section  1 - General Provisions. Each member should attend this club's, or satellite club's regular meetings if provided in the bylaws, and engage in this club 's service projects, other events and activities. A member shall be counted as attending a regular meeting if the member is present in person or using an online connection for at least 60 percent of the meeting, or is present and is called away unexpectedly and subsequently produces evidence to the satisfaction of the board that such action was reasonable, or participates in the regular meeting posted on the club's website within one week following its posting, or makes up for an absence in any of the following ways:
(a) 14 Days Before or After the Meeting. During the Same Year. If, within fourteen (14) days before or after the regular time for that meeting the same year, the member
(1) attends at least 60 percent of the regular meeting of another club, of a satellite club meeting of another club, or of a provisional club; or
(2) attends a regular meeting of a Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps, or Rotary Fellowship or of a provisional Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps, or Rotary Fellowship; or
(3) attends a convention of RI, a council on legislation, an international assembly, a Rotary institute for past and present officers of RI, a Rotary institute for past, present, and incoming officers of RI, or any other meeting convened with the approval of the board of directors of RI or the president of RI acting on behalf of the board of directors of RI, a Rotary multizone conference, a meeting of a committee of RI, a Rotary district conference, a Rotary district training assembly, any district meeting held by direction of the board of directors of RI, any district committee meeting held by direction of the district governor, or a regularly announced intercity meeting of Rotary clubs; or
(4) is present at the usual time and place of a regular meeting or satellite club meeting of another club for the purpose of attending such meeting, but that club is not meeting at that time or place; or
(5) attends and participates in a club service project or a club-sponsored community event or meeting authorized by the board; or
(6) attends a board meeting or, if authorized by the board, a meeting of a service committee to which the member is assigned; or
(7) participates through a club website in an interactive activity requiring an average of 30 minutes of participation.
When a member is outside the member's country of residence for more than fourteen (14) days, the time restriction shall not be imposed so that the member may attend regular meetings or satellite club meetings in another country at any time during the travel period, and each such attendance shall count as a valid  make up for any regular meeting missed during the member's time abroad.