Rockport, Fulton and Aransas County are Strong and Re-building. Many of our current successes are due to donations of services, goods and funds from others such as you. Yes, I am talking to all the clubs and districts who have reached out to myself and several other members of our club - Rockport Rotary Club.
As we are gathering ourselves, our families, our homes and businesses together - we realized you want to reach out with more than a phone call. We have a 501(c)3 foundation and are accepting donations. Your funds will go directly to Rockport Rotarians or members of our communities of Rockport and Fulton who have needs. 100% distributed - no administration fees.
Please send donations to:
Rockport Rotary Club Foundation
PO Box 66
Rockport, TX 78381

Use button in the upper right column of our website to make a donation via credit card.