The Rockport Rotary Club provided service to our community in several ways this season of thanksgiving and giving.

Part One - Our Families

We gathered and donated over 400 pounds food donations. Some was used in their Christmas baskets and some will refill their pantry.

Part Two - Children Under Twelve

We donated funds to Operation Santa Claus. We shopped, wrapped and delivered to several families.
We collected toys and donated to the Fulton Fire Department for distribution to Aransas County Kids.
Special thanks to Terry and Cathryn Hickman, friends of Rotary, for their generous donation of toys and food. I also discovered they were our unknown elves from last year.

Part Three - Our Four-legged Family Members

We were able to gather several bundles of supplies for The June Project with Dr. Dana Mercer

Part Four - Our Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

We gathered food donations and delivered them for sending to the troops
Several generous cash donations were also made. We will split the funds between all four projects and send it their way after the start of the new year. Please consider adding to that pot of money and continue the season of giving.
If you would like to assist - please contact the President of Rockport Rotary Club, Nancy Paulson at You can also donate money to us directly by using our Donate Button in the top right area of our website at