Do we as a club, or some of our members, follow the lead of lots of other Rotarians around the world and start doing some service projects in our community?
Please read the email from Cathy Hinchman, a former member now living in Sugarland, about what her club is doing in response to COVID-19.
Please contact your President, Nancy Paulson or any Board member if you would like to serve your community - one of these ideas or make a suggestion. There may be some funds available for projects this Rotary year.
As we continue to struggle alone-together through the current health and economic crisis, our club members are stepping up to assist with bringing some care and relief to those working hardest to get us through.  Every member of our club is encouraged to be a part of these, so please read through to the end. 
Here is a list of some of the projects our board is proud to share with you:
1.   Nourishing our front-line health care workers:
New member Dean Clark has spearheaded providing sandwiches for local hospital staff during the covid-19 pandemic at 2 local hospitals. We appreciate their hard work and efforts in fighting and protecting people with the virus.
We will provide wraps and gyros sandwiches, individually wrapped and marked with SL Rotary stickers put on all sandwiches. Pictures will be taken that will be used on social media for all parties involved.  Approximately 100 nurses at Sugar Land Methodist and Sugar Land Memorial Hospitals will be served.  The restaurant owner will personally deliver all sandwiches himself at all 3 times.
Sugar Land Rotary's board of directors has approved a $500.00 grant to assist paying for these meals.  However, the anticipated expense will be closer to $800.00.   The $500.00 grant will be funded through the sale of yard signs honoring our health care workers.  (see more on this below).  Members are encouraged to assist with the excess cost by making a donation of any amount through your SLRC account.  Email me with your donation amounts, and I will forward the information to the Treasurer for accounting.  
For more information about the restaurant that is providing and delivering the sandwiches:  
2.  Yard signs to recognize health care workers:   Member Ricardo Espinosa has designed and printed 50 yard signs for distribution throughout our community.   Members who would like to purchase signs for their yard or business, or who would like to sponsor signs to be placed at the local hospitals to cheer the workers, please send me an email with your requested amount and whether you are sponsoring or want signs delivered to your home or business.   The cost of each sign is $25.  Darla Fanta and I will coordinate the distribution of the signs.  The proceeds from your purchase and sponsorship of these signs will help fund the lunches referred to above.  If we run out of signs, we will be able to get more, and will be able to adjust the content of the signs to honor first responders, delivery drivers, grocery store workers, etc.  For a picture of the current sign click here.
3.   Rotary cloth facemasks:   Member Lynn Borker is spearheading a plan to purchase a quantity of cloth facemasks, imprinted with our SLRC logo, to be distributed to our members, family members, child care workers, volunteers at Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels, etc.  These masks will be reusable, washable and high quality, and will inform the public that Sugar Land Rotary cares about the health and safety of all.  We are looking for a sponsor(s) to fund the initial printing of these masks, and need approximately $1200.00 to acquire 250 masks.  Again, if it is in your heart to help us sponsor this activity, please let me know.  A rendition of the mask is attached to this email.  The masks will be blue, not black.