Please help get the news out that Heroes Cup Wounded Veterans will be driving into town next Wednesday, September 7th at 2:25-ish.  They have procession with Police/Sheriff escort.

2:25-2:30 Hit south end of town: Downtown Austin St. to Bus Hwy 35 
2:45-3:00 RFHS 15 min stop for Patriotic Welcome 
3:00 Continue on Business Hwy 35 from RFHS to Cactus street turn-off. (Staying at LightHouse Inn) 

I've organized between the organization and the High School for their events, what a nice ending to see crowds/individuals at various spots along route waving their support to our Veterans!!! 

Please forward on to ALL!!! Make friends/anyone aware so they may stand along route to let these Veterans know they matter! 

Thank you, 

This is the 3-day "Thank you for your service" event where 18-25 wounded veterans come to Rockport. They are taken out fishing w/guides & there is a fishing tournament. One night there is a "Meet & Greet" BBQ Dinner. They stay in Rockport during the 3 days at Lighthouse Inn.