Hi Everyone,
I want to let you know of something exciting event happening in conjunction with the Film Festival. One of the short films - “A Line in the Sand” has a longer version that we are screening on Monday, January 30, starting at 5:30 at 106 S Austin St (the old Kline building). 
The screening will be free, but a $10 donation is suggested. We’ll also have free beverages and candy/popcorn for sale. The funds raised will go toward purchasing a bigger screen, better projector, and better speakers for our outdoor screenings. (Every year the screen size and sound quality is the biggest complaint at our Red Carpet Party).
I’m really excited about this film! It was the second highest voted short we screened at the Festival. And I really hope we can raise enough money to purchase some better infrastructure for our outdoor screenings. 
I’ve got another film that I’m working on getting to screen in a similar fashion in February. I just wanted to keep y’all in the loop. Hope you see you all there!
Elena from Rockport Center for the Arts.