Fireside Chat will be held on November 10th.  We will meet at John Jackson's house from 6-8pm.  This is a great opportunity to invite potential Rotarians!  Invite them, spouses/significant others, and anybody else who could benefit from attending Fireside Chat!
Members have received a food sign-up sheet.  It will also be available at this week's meetings. Please look over the food list and let me know what you would like to bring.
We are planning a fun event with laughs and fellowship!  This is a great opportunity to socialize with all our fellow Rotarians.
  • Enjoy social time and fellowship with fellow Rotarians!
  • Bring potential members, spouses/significant others, and friends
  • Pot Luck style meal to be served—sign up to bring a dish!
  • Bring a chair or two and beverages of choice (water provided)
  • Be prepared for a GREAT TIME and Lots of LAUGHS!!
See yall there!