Tuesday evening meeting

A Safety Awareness program to serve as a refresher and reminder about keeping ourselves safe as we go about our daily business. This is important for all persons: male/female, adult/child - in our business visits and personal - especially now during the holiday season. The Rockport Rotary Evening Meeting has made arrangements with Commander Larry Sinclair of the Rockport PD to come to our Rotary meeting on Tuesday, November 29th to speak. You are invited to attend and bring your spouse and friends and neighbors.  This is open to the public and should be interesting and informative for everyone.  
Come with a Joke or card trick. We aim for fun. Bring a friend or two and join in.
Meeting is from 6-7 pm at the Key Allegro Yacht Club. Drinks, appetizers and/or dinner can be ordered.


Thursday Noon Meeting

Our program is Awad Abdelgadir, President and Chairperson of the Mother Maryam Foundation (www.mothermaryam.org). Awad A. Abdelgadir grew up in Zawrat village in Northern Province, Sudan. He is the son of Mother Maryam and dedicates projects to his mother's memory and to all mothers. He runs Nile Valley Herbs, Inc., which produces and markets hibiscus tea and supports humanitarian activity. He also teaches at St. Edward's University in Austin Texas. He is a member of South Austin Rotary Club.
Meeting is from Noon-1 at the Rockport Country Club.
Reminder: If you can't make the meeting - notify the Secretary - Phyllis Kline at Phyllis@PhyllisKline.com or 361-557-1235.